Our Team Building Exercises


When our mobile art studio arrives at your corporate retreat, we are going to cover the walls in plastic, turn up the music, roll out a stream of canvases, and ask your team to do the impossible, create art, together.

Stage one.  Begin. When your team enters the room they will hesitate- they aren’t artists- they don’t want to paint- team building sucks.  Then team spirit and curiosity takes over and they Begin.

Stage two.  Become.  In this stage there is chaos, there is laughing and groaning, and rapid changes to the art.  The team creates more than art, they create new avenues of communication, new attitudes about change, creativity flows  like electricity. Powerful, energizing.   They Become a team.

Stage three.  Believe.  In the end they  know that the art, their art, could not have been created without each person’s input.  Just like at work, every person is important to the whole.  If they can make art together, they can do anything…together.

We help teams Believe in everyone’s contribution.

Collaborative art, it’s not sip and paint, and it’s not kindergarten smears.  It’s a process, proven time and again, and revealing more about a team in two hours than we can describe here.

We use collaborative art as our main mode, because it works every time.  There are no ropes, no crying, no kumbaya, but there is connection, insight, and belief in the power of working together.

We’ve worked with well over 60,000 people with our team building exercises and are on our way to 1,000,000 participants.  Those participants have been as varied as Walmart’s home office, a local body shop, teen leaders, and people recovering from years of bad choices.

We help teams believe in their mission.

What participants find in painting together is connection, appreciation, and the satisfaction of creating something that seemed impossible. Even if the art is not museum quality, it tells the story of a group of people who began slowly, became a team and in the end believe they can do anything…together.

We help teams believe in, well, teams.

Oh—and while we want your team to be happy, we never want to make a custodian mad.  Over 2000 corporate retreats, and we’ve never left a stain!

We bring the materials, your people bring the results.  

Amazing, spine tingling, results.

Canvas Creek.  We Work For Teams! 




Leave the office and leave old thinking behind!   Collaborative art brings out the creativity you desire for your corporate retreats. 

Team Building

From scavenger hunts to tower building, we are professionals at creating team events that work!

From scavenger hunts to tower building, we are professionals at facilitating the events that drive the results you desire for corporate retreats or fast and fun team building exercises. 

Our Corporate Retreat Team Building Exercises


Karen Grosz is an award winning, international speaker, who will have your audience on their feet, and thinking about their goals- creatively!  She is a high energy and popular choice for corporate retreats. 

Happy Monday

I figure no one in NYC is thinking...gosh, we should hire a gray haired team builder from Montana...and then they see my energy, learn about the results of collaborative art, and the next thing you know, I am in a plane.  

So, here is one example of who I am... a team builder, and a Monday enthusiast.   

See you soon!

Matt the Painter

We LOVE to work with teams that are not used to team building, teams that have 'issues' and teams that will challenge us.  

Matt is a great guy who believes in investing in his people, and helping them to grow, not just as employees, but as amazing humans.   

Hardin Chevrolet

Over 2000 events, and not one paint stain... that might be hard to believe when you see this team...but what's not hard to believe is the results.  This team had FUN and BONDED!