The Experience

Our mobile art studio goes to offices,corporate retreats, and warehouses to help teams create art, together.  These team building activities are barrier free and multi-generational.

Why Us?

Designed for teams that are "over" run of the mill team building activities, this three stage process takes teams on a creative journey of inspiration and connection. Perfect for your corporate retreats and Board of Director Development.  

Who uses Canvas Creek

We work with teams of 4 to 1400 people, from Fortune 100s to local businesses.  The goal is always the same, to create a stronger team with our team building activities.  Our unique process can be tailored to drive towards change, goal setting, communication, or collaboration, and is often the highlight of corporate retreats and team celebrations.   

The art you create, once hanging on your walls, becomes a long lasting reminder of what you can do, together.  

TEDx by Karen Grosz

Innovative Team Building