Guess what?  Growing people is very interesting!  From goal setting, to accountability, from getting along to saying so long, I seem to have seen or done it all!   I've captured a few of the stories, just for you, in books that are easy reads with welcome insights.  


What's Next

Karen Grosz's best seller is all about your Next!   Whether it be starting a new business, running a marathon, or achieving a promotion, it is your time to shine.  This book, written as a tough, yet friendly coach, will get you on the path to your Next in no time!  

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Creative Team Goal Setting

Lackluster results and eye rolls can be eliminated with this booklet.  Be brave, try something new, and see what kind of goals your team can impress you with! 

Team Goals 1.2020 (pdf)


What's Next?

It's time!   Time for new adventures, new experiences, and new people.  This friendly book is like having a life coach in your back pocket.  A coach that will tell you the truth while cheering you forward.